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Moors are in the Bible?

Yes, there are indeed Moors in the Bible. You can find them mentioned all over the Torah and Tenakh. What I find to be strange is that there are 7 Beys of the Old Testament that no one knows of.

I’ve not heard one single Moor mention these 7 Beys of the Old Testament in all my years. I must admit; I find that to be quite strange that the Moors in the Bible are rarely mentioned.

Who are the Moors in the Bible?

Despite the doctrines you may come across online; the Moors in the Bible went by many national descent names. The Moors of the Bible were not just Moabites.

They were Ammonites, Canaanites, Israelites, Hittites, Cushites, Putites, Elamites, etc. I could go on and on. But be advised, Moabites do not have a monopoly on the term “Moor”. This does not exclude the 7 Beys of the Old Testament.

Are there Moorish titles used in the Torah?

Indeed, there are several Moorish titles in the Torah. Some of the titles that stick out to me are El, Al, Yah, Ali, Eluf, Elu, Eil, Melekh, and Ba’al just to name a few. What didn’t immediately jump out to me were the 7 Beys of the Old Testament portion of the Bible.

It took me studying one of the many Moorish languages known as “Ivrit” (Hebrew) to finally see the 7 Beys. Even then, it took years before the Beys finally introduced themselves to me.

The Beys Aren’t Real People!

If you’re a Moor, you may not like what I tell you, but I’ve been using a literary technique called “personification” to talk about the Beys of the Bible. To put it simply, the Beys aren’t even real people.

Furthermore, “Bey” is not actually a title that was used by the Moabites and Canaanites; the 2 nations most American Moors say they descend from. You cannot find the term “Bey” being used as a title in the old testament of the Bible nor by any nation of people mentioned in the Holy Qur’an of Mecca.

What does Bey mean?

When it comes to the meaning of “Bey”, I think it best to start with the etymology of Bey. That’s why I put together a video lecture entitled; ‘’Ha Etimologia Shel Bey’’, which is Hebrew for ‘’The Etymology of Bey’’.

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