Are You A Person of Color? Episode 02

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In this video, part 2 of the “Are You A Colored Person?” series; we are still addressing the term “person of color”. Are you a person of color, a colored person? Many people think a person of color is anyone who isn’t classified as “Caucasian”, i.e. white. How could that be if white is a color, an achromatic color to be specific? Wouldn’t that also make those classified as “white”- colored persons as well?

What if there exists detrimental legal ramifications that came with being classified as a person of color; such ramifications that determines one’s rank in society, and thus his/her treatment in that society? There seems to be a lot of on purpose confusion built around the term(s) “person of color” and “people of color”. That’s why at Put It Out There TV Network made it our business to publish the “Are You a Colored Person?” series as soon as possible.

The “Are You a Person of Color?” series started out as a live broadcast on Facebook, and was then later reuploaded onto the Put It Out There TV Network YouTube channel It appears that not even good SEO can get that channel any views. It has been blacklisted, stopping very informative information from reaching people, specifically SO-CALLED “colored people”. #PersonofColor #PeopleofColor #POC

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