FREE AI Tool REMOVES Video Backgrounds WITHOUT Green Screen

In this video, the Put It Out There TV Shopping Channel introduces its first product highlight, XSplit VCam, and talks about how to remove video background without green screen. XSplit VCam runs off of artificially intelligent digital green screen technology.

Simply put, the FREE AI tool removes video backgrounds without green screen. The Artificially Intelligent Digital Green Screen technology designed by XSplit also enables you to remove or add the background of your choice to your video. The video backgrounds can be video, image, and even a website just by using an weblink.

Click here to download XSplit VCam.

Even more, XSplit VCam is a free AI tool that can be integrated with virtually any webcam software in the pursuit of removing video backgrounds without green screen. Some of these softwares are widely used by content creators. There’s OBS and ScreenPal (Screencast-O-Matic) just to name a few softwares you can use to remove backgrounds from videos.

Some people have even begun to integrate XSplit Vcam with Skype and Zoom in order to mask their environment and/or location. Heavens forbid your boss finds out you’re unprofessionally Skyping from your messy car. Unfortunately, many content creators resort to having to record their videos on social media apps.

This is because the app’s free ai tool removes video backgrounds without green screen. It’s one of the most well known ways to remove video background without green screen free online. You see it used in excess on Facebook and TikTok. People then take those videos and upload them on sites such as YouTube. In fact, we’ve even used it. We just found XSplit VCam to be more superior to the social media apps.

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