Moors Mad (BIG) 450×360

Moors Hate The Etymology of Bey on Facebook

In this video, JudahSon sheds light on the ongoing issue he has been facing on Facebook. He discusses how Moors, specifically those who identify themselves with the title of “Nobility” or “Bey”, have been flagging his posts on the “Etymology of Bey“. It seems that these individuals have taken offense to his recent publishing on […]
Bey Does NOT Come From Ba’al (450×360)

Bey Does NOT Come From Ba’al (Sneak Peek)

As I sit here looking at my Browns, Driver, and Briggs Hebrew Lexicon; I’ve decided that I must tell Moors that Bey does NOT come from Ba’al. Why Do Moors Think Bey Comes From “Ba’al”? As I reflect, I realize many of the titles Moors carry are Aramaic (אֲרָמִית), Canaanite (כנענית), Moabite (מואבית), Hebrew (עִברִית), […]