What’s next after Ohio voters pass Issue 2 to legalize recreational marijuana?

3News is answering your questions since the recreational use of cannabis is now legal.

Can employers drug test workers? Since Issue Two has passed, it does not come with or include protections for Ohio employees who use marijuana.

We looked into the ballot’s language and found where it clearly states, “An employer is not required to accommodate an employee’s use, possession, or distribution of adult use of cannabis.”

Meaning the passing of Issue Two does not give employees a free pass to go to work under the influence of marijuana. Issue Two also does not prohibit an employer from “refusing to discharge, disciplining, or otherwise taking an adverse employment action against an individual because of that individual’s use, possession, or distribution of cannabis.”

Akron Attorney at Law and former Assistant Attorney General Adam VanHo tells 3News, that with recreational marijuana use now legal, certain professions will likely be under even more pressure like healthcare professionals and law enforcement.

“You’re going to see a lot more testing in medicine and law enforcement. In medicine, you’ll see more testing because of the fact that there’s going to be constant questions if something goes wrong on an operating table or medications aren’t prescribed correctly,” VanHo said.

He added, ” In law enforcement because you have officers carrying weapons and traditionally those haven’t been areas that have been tested in the past, but I expect them to be tested more in the future.”

Another question with the passing now of Issue Two — What will the new law look like for drivers and what possible penalties those could face for getting behind the wheel under the influence?

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